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BEES Urban is an acronym for Buildings & Spaces, Economy, Environment & equitable Societies, and Urban & Regional Development. Bees Urban is an independent think tank & consultancy focused on promoting competitiveness, well-being and sustainability of cities and communities through innovations, policy research, communication and design. Our focus areas are broadly grouped into 6 categories

1. Governance & Policy, 2. Landuse & Urban Planning, 3. Infrastructure, 4. Environment & sustainability, 5. Local Economic Development, and 6. People & Communities.

We have a competent team of researchers proficient in various qualitative and quantitative research methods viz. Spatial Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Statistical Inferential Analysis etc. We do data visualization using software like STATA, Gephi, GIS, SPSS, Space-syntax etc. We also carry customized research for our clients including ground reporting and primary surveys.

We believe that knowledge sharing through effective communication is an important instrument to empower people. We tell stories about multiple aspects of development. We also cover the important events around the world like conferences, summits etc.  Recently we covered the ninth session of World Urban Forum (WUF9) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; World Urban Forum is the biggest bi-annual conference of UN-Habitat to discuss sustainable urbanization.

Design & Management Consultancy

BEEE-Design offers comprehensive design solutions for Architecture and Urban & Regional Development. The services offered by us include Feasibility Studies, Visioning and Concept Reports, Economic & Financial Analysis (EFA), Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Detail Project Reports (DPR), BOQ, Cost Estimates & Tender Documents, Good for Construction Drawings (GFCs), Site Supervision etc.

Our team includes architects, urban management experts, urban planners, environment experts, landscape designers and social planners. We have established engineering consultancies as our associates. We have expertise in designing Housing, Multi-Modal Logistics Parks (#MMLP), Dry Ports, Free Trade Warehousing Zones (#FTWZ), Inland Container Depots (#ICD), Sports Stadia, Hospitals, Commercial & Institutional Buildings etc. We also have experts for IFC approved EDGE Green-buildings.

Masterplanning Planning | Urban Design | Landscape | Architecture | Heritage | Housing | EDGE Green-building strategies accredited by IFC of World Bank | Environmental Planning & Management | Social Planning | 

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